Been Busy

•December 5, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I am busy working on a TV show and during my time off I am busy in Second Life.  I have added my Second Life blog link-Satanic Visions- to my Links roll. Please note that the Satanic Theme and my demonic avatar is for Role-playing in the virtual world of Second Life and has no parallel to my real life 🙂 and for those of you who read this and want to meet up in SL -look up my avatar Farthington Whetmore .


Happy Hallowen

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Halloween is always a fun day for me.  However, this was a lot different because I did not do a home haunt and instead I wandered about town in costume throughout the day and night: Lots of fun!

Here is a little video of myself and a dear friend in costume as we ventured into Metrotown Mall.


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Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope its a dry and scary one!

I apologize for the lack of posts but I have been busy on a TV Show and another domestic move… I hate moving but I was very unhappy in the apartment I was in: With a drunk above me and smokers all around me, I was constantly subjected to unwanted and annoying noises and second hand smoke!

I have now moved and sleeping on the couch of a close friend until I find another place in a ‘concrete’ building-no more old wooden structures for me regardless how charming they may appear…

So once things become a little more settled I will post more ofter.  Oh yes, did I mention I have been sucked back into Second Life which also consume a large chunk of my free time 🙂 and I have created a blog for that under the Brand Name I am attempting to develop titled “Satanic Visions” (don’t asked).  You can find that blog at but it too is pretty much void of anything at the moment 🙂




Had a Good Week

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At this week’s Weight Watcher meeting I weighed in with a 6 pound loss- wooT!

I attribute my loss to an awareness of “Toxic Fat”  and the incorporation of two new products in my diet:

CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Vega, an all in one plant based formula.

The CLA pills are just a temporary kick-starter for me and will not be a long term element of my diet.  Be sure to follow the links and read up to truly understand what I am talking about.

Episode 19: Heed The Warning

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My buddy Josh invited me to spend a few hours on his boat on Sunday.   So that morning I checked the marine forecast: Wind Warnings! That meant high seas but Josh didn’t seem to concerned. I had never been on his boat before so I was unsure of her sea worthiness.  So off we went on a 3 Hour Tour…

Audio Post

•July 23, 2010 • 2 Comments

My 1st audio post to my blog via my phone – got to love technology!

The Wandering Monk Returns

•July 23, 2010 • 2 Comments

One of the best local summer events for getting into costume is the BC Renaissance Festival put on by the creative people at BC RenFest The festival runs for three days and makes for a unique experience and a fabulous way to spend the day or weekend.

My character for the festival is The Wandering Monk who made his debut at last year’s event. The monk who, in addition to enjoying a cold ale or two, wanders about identifying the sins of the devil.  I am joined by my good friend Josh who attended as a wealthy merchant.

Remember: Life is More Fun In Costume! Huzzah!

PS I know I misspelled “spontaneous”