The Wandering Monk Returns

One of the best local summer events for getting into costume is the BC Renaissance Festival put on by the creative people at BC RenFest The festival runs for three days and makes for a unique experience and a fabulous way to spend the day or weekend.

My character for the festival is The Wandering Monk who made his debut at last year’s event. The monk who, in addition to enjoying a cold ale or two, wanders about identifying the sins of the devil.  I am joined by my good friend Josh who attended as a wealthy merchant.

Remember: Life is More Fun In Costume! Huzzah!

PS I know I misspelled “spontaneous”


~ by The Bob Show on July 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Wandering Monk Returns”

  1. Here is the video of The Wandering Monk at last years event.

  2. Did I mention I enjoy wearing costumes and not just on Halloween. Why? Because I believe it’s a great form of therapy! There is nothing more invigorating and refreshing then leaving your old Self at home and becoming someone or something else for a few hours. I personally believe that if monthly masquerades were socially mandatory, we would see a dramatic drop in prison populations and fewer lunatics running around …

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