Audio Post

My 1st audio post to my blog via my phone – got to love technology!

~ by The Bob Show on July 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Audio Post”

  1. Now if only we could get a customizable icon to be posted along with the audio instead of just the generic audio progression graphic.

    And if voice to text technology can accompany this audio post feature, then the first phase of the call would be to record your audio post title which would appear in text format. The second phase of the call would be the audio post

    Did I mention how fabulous this is and how the phone companies must love Word Press now!


  2. Ok this is getting too techy.. This will be some kinda tool, BUT now when I get to Ranting and Raving; people will have to listen not read; but getting the point across may be alot stronger. EH ? Can you get a conferance call set up with the BLM and Ohbambaaa ???

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