Weight Watchers 2nd Meeting

Well I completed my first week of point counting and when I weighed in I had lost close to two pounds which they say is the expected average weight loss. So ok 2 pounds is nothing to get excited about but it is a start! And in all fairness, the system does force you to pay attention to your quantities ūüôā

However, I do have a concern about the meetings and why I believe not very many men attend them: They are childish and boring! First of all, the two meetings I have been to are more akin to Tea Time with the ladies exchanging  recipes! And secondly, there has been a complete lack of any real intellectual approach or discussion to proper nutrition:  The last thing  I  want to listen to are  stories about freezing WW smoothies in Popsicle molds every week!

The use of homemade flip charts which are more suited to grade three students¬†¬†and the handing out of gold stars stickers as rewards leaves me asking “Am I not an adult?” ¬†If I may be so bold as to suggest; Weight Watchers should create WW bucks and issue those as reward incentives which could be¬†redeemable¬†for WW products and services, at least there would be some¬†perceived¬†value associated the bucks. Frankly speaking and not to come across as a¬†pompous¬†schmuck¬†but gold star stickers insults my¬†intelligence¬†and offers no incentive whatsoever!

Now I totally understand and appreciate the strategy of the emotional support mechanism in play at these meetings but us guys need a little more then a pat on the back and a gold star sticker to hold our interest.


~ by The Bob Show on July 6, 2010.

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