Leo Awards Celebration Ceremony 2010 – Bombed!!

My stepson Patrick was nominated for two Leo Awards in Sound Design this year so his mother and I agreed to attend together (we are no longer a couple) along with going ‘halfers’ on Patrick’s ticket which was $50, reasonable but you would think the nominees wouldn’t have to pay anything!  However, Micheline and my tickets cost $125.00 each! Hey it’s a bit pricey but the Leo Awards  should make for an entertaining evening…

Now having worked as an event designer, decorator, and coordinator, in Vancouver since 1996 I had some expectations for my ticket price.  The event was held at the Westin Bayshore Hotel – one of Vancouver’s finest.  I parked the car for $17.50 and we proceeded to the registration desk to pick-up our tickets which were prepaid a couple of weeks ago. Well none of our names were on the list and the organizers could not find any record of us or payment!  Only when a member of our party arrived and produced her confirmation and record of payment document were we  finally issued tickets and allowed to enter – Great first impression!

Off we went doing our obligatory mingling and I actually did run into a few people I knew in the biz which was nice because I hadn’t seen some of them in quite some time. Finally the main ballroom doors opened .  Immediately I noticed the very simplistic decor package of white sheers with up lighting,  a couple of large projection screens flanking the stage, and several 8ft tall trusses supporting very small monitors which I might add were utterly pointless.   I see this typical generic decor at corporate events so I was surprised to see this at BC’s primer film event, our equivalent to the Oscars! I was shocked that there wasn’t a more dynamic decor installation, worthy of our industry, but instead it was basically Pipe and Drape! Egads- are you fken kidding me!??

On with the show! This is where the event takes a nose dive into the cesspool of presentation failures. Now I can appreciate when the occasional miscue occurs, that’s just live entertainment for you but from curtain onward the award presentation ceremony was plague by miscues  and equipment failure. It was one technical blunder after another which leads me to believe that this technical team didn’t read the chapter on equipment redundancy preparations. Matter of fact, I think they must of all failed Audio Visual school!  It was an embarrassing and pathetic display worthy of a full ticket refund had this been a theatrical play or live concert. If I was the technical director of the event I would be looking for a new career because my reputation would be ruined!

So now comes the insult to injury.  The awards presentation is mercifully over and we are all starving.  I see people leaving the ballroom, thinking it’s a rush to the washroom and bar!  We smell food and patiently await the meals to arrive at the table.  None comes but soon I start to see people returning with plates of food – it’s a friggen buffet: I paid $125.00 for a buffet!?? Egads- are you fken kidding me!??  I would think for $125.00 there would be at least table service!

What made matters worse was there wasn’t any kind of formal announcement or procedure.  Instead we found ourselves in a massive crowd of hungry people trying to decide which station to line up at. It was buffet Helter Skelter! After enduring the long lines we were back at our table and engaged in conversation about how this event was so not worth the ticket prices.

While we were eating we started wondering what was next. There was no evening itinerary printed in the program and again there was no formal announcement as to what was going on for the rest of the evening. Surely there must be something else like  live music, a DJ, something! I mean this event is titled  “Celebration Ceremony”; we had the ceremony so now what about the celebration?

I decided to go back out to the registration desk and ask – HA! All I saw were volunteers and when I asked I was met with “I don’t know” replies … ok so our $125.00 didn’t go towards knowledgeable staff, it didn’t go towards an exciting decor package, it didn’t go towards qualified show technicians, it didn’t go to a complementary beverage, and surely didn’t go towards any kind of post ceremony celebration.  I would like to say it went towards a great meal but that was mostly pasta, bread, and salad -whoopty freaking do!

So just what did my $125.00 ticket buy?  It bought poor production value, a glossy program, an expensive venue, an opportunity to purchase $9 glasses of wine, and gift bags for VIPs. Would I do it again? Only if someone else bought a ticket for me. Was it worth it? Yes and No: No because of the aforementioned reasons but Yes because there was the anticipation that my stepson might just win an award and I wanted to share that experience with him… maybe next year Patrick but you buy the tickets 🙂

Patrick & Micheline on the Red Carpet

~ by The Bob Show on June 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Leo Awards Celebration Ceremony 2010 – Bombed!!”

  1. Here is a short video of the evening…

  2. wow did your parents not teach you manners or something or are you trying to take your anger out on the event because you and Patrick mother are no longer a couple?
    I happened to love this event and I wont let selfish people like you talk about it this way!!

  3. LOL thank you for your comment as way off base as it is…

    First of all, I will entertain your feeble jabs at my personal life:

    Yes I was taught manners and my commentary is very civil, secondly, there is no anger regarding my X as we are still close friends so I am not sure how you read these two issues into this but my rant about the event is accurate. And based on your comment I doubt you even in attendance.

    As stated I am in the “Biz” and I know what I am talking about not to mention there were many in attendance who would agree with me…nor does selfishness have anything to do with this!! (no idea how that relates to anything)

    I reiterate that the Friday Night presentation was an over-priced, poorly executed, and technically flawed event!

    I am glad you love the event but frankly, you have no right nor the ability to stop me or anyone else from voicing our opinions: I didn’t like it and I have expressed why…

    But thanks for dropping by and next time, please try to leave a comment that has slightly more intellectual merit to it, although there is something to be said for the comedic value of your post 😛

  4. UPDATE:

    After two useless email replies from one of the producers who needs a lesson or two in customer relations, I got an apologetic email from the main producer with an acknowledgement of the poor production values, and a discount offer on tickets for next year’s award show if I decided to go.

    Granted this email came after my third email to them that contained a veiled threat of voicing my complaints to their sponsors, it is still satisfying to know that if you ‘fight for your rights’ in an intelligent and articulate manner, resolution is attainable.

    Whether I actually attend next year’s event remains to be seen… ’nuff said.

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