Rant: Fast Food Pictures

I don’t eat a lot of fast food (anymore) but I still get pissed off when my decision to purchase a burger is influenced by a deceptively appetizing photo of said burger which depicts the burger as being  thick and juicy, full of all kinds of wonderful fresh toppings.  The burger (or other fast food items) rarely appear on your table as it did on the photo.

Now, if I may use a car analogy: You see pictures of a shinny new cars on the car dealership’s windows  yet when you walk into the dealership, you see nothing but rusty old cars with flat tires and dents…still a car but  is that acceptable?  Wouldn’t you feel deceived?

So I ask you, are these fast food photos not a form of  ‘false advertising’?

Today I went to the mall (see episode #7) and ordered a Teen burger at A&W to see if  it resembled it’s predominately displayed promotional picture.  It did not. My bun was burnt and dented, no well defined dome there! The Iceberg was the lousy white part, no crisp slices of bacon flowing out from under the tomato, the meat patty was much thinner and it was sitting on a thick bed of pickles, mustard, and diced onions!

TOP: The promotional photo for the Teen Burger

BOTTOM: My non-manicured burger (burnt bun and soggy bacon)


~ by The Bob Show on May 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rant: Fast Food Pictures”

  1. have you ever seen “Falling Down” with Michael Douglas? You should have been carrying a mini-machine gun. That way you CAN make a difference.

  2. Thanks DeYank! Here is the scene you are referring too 🙂

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